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A Day in the Life at Terp Bros: Queens’ Premier Dispensary

Getting to work at Terp Bros Dispensary isn’t just an ordinary job. Located at 36-10 Ditmars Boulevard, Queens, NY, USA, this dispensary has become a cornerstone in the Queens community, changing the cannabis game with its exceptional services and products.

Morning Setup

Our day at Terp Bros begins with a warm greeting. The store is a sanctuary, with its modern, comfortable, and warm atmosphere for both employees and customers. The most vital part of the morning is preparing the dispensary for the day. This involves stocking our high-quality products, ensuring displays are organized and appealing, and the general cleanliness of our store.

Assisting The Community

Throughout the day, we assist a variety of customers. We pride ourselves in providing personalized service, endeavouring to help our customers find the best products for their specific needs. Whether they are experts or newcomers to the world of cannabis, we ensure they leave our store feeling empowered, satisfied, and happy with their purchase.

Community Engagement

Community engagement forms a core part of our values at Terp Bros. We host informative sessions, wellness workshops, and other events to educate the public and ensure our community knows as much as they can about our products and how to use them safely and effectively.

At Terp Bros, we’re not just employees. We’re advocates for our community and champions of this ever-evolving industry. Spend a day in our shoes and experience it for yourself!