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A Day in the Life of an Employee at East Coast Cannabis

Wake up, stretch, brew a cup of coffee, and let another beautiful day begin. Work is but a stone’s throw away. This isn’t your average 9-5, but working at a cannabis dispensary adds an exciting spin to your everyday life. Today we take a peek behind our atmospheric green curtain at East Coast Cannabis.

Cannabis Dispensary: A World Beyond the Ordinary

What sets apart a Cannabis dispensary from any other retail outlet is its product. We follow stringent policies while providing a unique batch of products, tailoring to the needs of every individual and patient that walks through our doors. We strive to destigmatize the usage while educating the public about the benefits and correct usage of our cannabis products.

Morning shifts often start with our busy bee staff in the Eliot, ME store, gearing up for the rush of customers. With a friendly greeting and a wealth of knowledge, they assist customers in finding the right products.

Mid-Morning to Afternoon: Lebanon’s Marijuana dispensary Buzz

The buzz in our Lebanon, ME branch intensifies around mid-morning to early afternoon. Our staff are creative problem solvers – a must in this industry. Whether it’s helping a customer find that elusive “Dispensary Near Me” or dealing with supply chain intricacies, there’s never a dull moment.

After a quick lunch, one could head over to our Kittery location. This port town location stands out for its idyllic coastal charm and the bustling crowd that it attracts. Whether assisting residents or tourists, our staff is always on standby to ensure that each individual leaves our store with a satisfied and informed decision.

Wrapping Up the Day: The reward of Working in a Cannabis Dispensary

As evening descends, we can reflect on the day at our Marijuana dispensary. Maybe we’ve helped someone find pain relief, or perhaps we helped a seasoned user discover a new strain to indulge in – every day comes with its unique set of rewards.

As the day spins to a close, there’s a good chance you’ll find us, the employees of East Coast Cannabis, back where we started – savoring the last drops of coffee, swapping stories of the day, and prepping for the next. For us, every day is a new leaf turned, a fresh opportunity to serve our community better. Do come join us at East Coast Cannabis!