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Explore the Unforgettable Experience at The Cake House

The Cake House isn’t just a business name; it’s a revelation of our motto. We are committed to providing an unparalleled retail experience, with utmost centrality to quality, selection, and customer satisfaction. Located in the scenic town of Vista, California, our dispensary stands far beyond the norm.

Leading in Cannabis Dispensory

Cake Enterprises Inc, our backbone, is a renowned name and the leading Cannabis Dispensary in Vista, CA. Our cannabis product range goes beyond everyone’s expectations while setting formidable industry standards. Partnered with Cake Enterprises Inc., we aspire to place a significant role in fostering cannabis awareness and promoting its acceptance.

Meet Our Indispensable Pillar – Wildo

Here at The Cake House, we wouldn’t imagine our growth without Wildo, a skilled artisan with a passion for perfection. Wildo’s expertise combines with his unparalleled love for cannabis, making him the driving force of our operation. Together with Wildo, we are mastering our mission to have a positive impact on our community by offering a safe, inclusive, and insightful cannabis experience.