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Lighten Up Your Day At In Good Health

Pop quiz! What’s green, legal, and promises a good time? If you answered, “an avocado at a Stop sign,” close, but no cigar! We’re actually talking about the fine selection at In Good Health!

Not Just Any Sandwich, MA Spot

Located in Sandwich, MA, In Good Health isn’t your ordinary pot shop, oh no! Rather than serving sandwiches, we serve a splendid variety of cannabis products. Got the giggles? Our Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Sagamore has got just the strain to keep you chortling in delight!

Next Stop – Monument Beach!

Want to pair your laze-around beach day with a little herbal enhancer? Take a short trip to our weed dispensary in Monument Beach, MA. With choices aplenty for your every mood, we ensure your day at the beach is memorable!

In East Sandwich with a craving you can’t quell? Knock on our door! From calming CBD-infused species to the exhilarating sativa varieties, we have your back. Or should we say, “bud”? So, swing by and explore the very essence of good health at In Good Health. It’s sure to be an experience that will make you leaf very happy!