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Embrace a Holistic Experience at Altius Dispensary

Delve into a world where quality, customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing are our main priorities at Altius Dispensary; your one-stop Pot Shop in the areas of Lake Villa, IL, Fox Lake, IL, Round Lake, IL, Kenosha, WI, Mundelein, IL & Pleasant Prairie, WI. Our offerings are more than just products, they are a high standard and a testament of our commitment to provide our valued customers with an enriched shopping experience.

Unrivalled Product Range

At Altius Dispensary, our Cannabis Store ensures we cater to all marijuana enthusiasts’ needs. We offer a wide range of premium quality Recreational Weed products to meet the unique tastes of both new and seasoned users. Our customers can choose from our extensive selection of strains, edibles, concentrates, and more.

Altius Dispensary is all about customer satisfaction. Our team of trained professionals extends a welcoming ambiance coupled with personalized services to help you find the products that fit your lifestyle.

Trusted Local Marijuana Dispensary

As your trusted local Marijuana Dispensary, Altius Dispensary is dedicated to ensuring you get only the best. Stay rest assured knowing all our products are thoroughly vetted, responsibly sourced, and abide strictly to standards set by state laws.

Our competitive advantage extends to provide users with an abundance of information about the various strains, their possible effects, and tips on how to consume responsibly. In addition to stocking premium products, Altius Dispensary is steadfast in its mission to promote responsible and informed use of recreational cannabis.

Experience the difference at Altius Dispensary – where our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and affordable pricing places us miles ahead in the cannabis market. Come explore our store and enrich your lifestyle.